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With the recent turn of events, Mordred Mordaunt came back from the North to pay a visit to Diagon Alley. It was packed as usual since it was summer, and that everyone seems to be doing their early-school-supplies-shopping. Lots of students, mostly (most probably) from Hogwarts with their friends, or siblings, or firsties with their folks filled the streets and shops. He pulled his hood to cover his tired face and scanned the place for somewhere to sit. He was relieved to see that nothing much changed, but his elation dropped a few notches the moment he saw the empty park bench.

“Sophie. I wonder if she’s okay…” Mordred thought as he bit his lip in disgust. He left without telling her. He just had to go that time… he was, after all, not a fan of goodbyes. It simply didn’t work with who he was.
Right now, he needed Oakey. Mordred hoped that he hasn’t forgotten him since he was the only one he could trust right now. He shifted the box under his arm and his eagle owl Xchylar flapped its wings in protest. “Hoooo.” Mordred sighed in irritation and headed for the bench. He took out a parchment and a muggle pencil (which Xchylar brought home after a night’s flight) and placed it on top of the box which was now on his lap.

“Hooo--”“Shut-up Sky. I’m thinking of what to say.” Should he explain? But explaining things would be painful. He could not afford to cry again given that he’s in a public place. Mordred slouched and rubbed his eyes in frustration. “Oakey will understand…I hope.”

And so, he gripped the pencil and started to write:

“I’m back. There’s no need to find me…but I need to ask you a favour. Take care of Tank for me. Believe it or not, he’s a treasured pet—and I can’t think of any other person to give it to. Here’s hoping that he’ll give you real luck…or at least counter your unluckiness…”
Mordred paused as he debated whether to write his name or not. He stared at the parchment and his message and slowly smiled to himself. “He’ll figure it out.” He kept the pencil inside his pocket and swiftly took out his wand from his arm holster. He charmed the parchment to stick on top of the box and summoned Sky. “Deliver this to Oakey as fast as you can. I don’t have much time…and Tank needs to be fed...I just hope Oakey doesn’t faint when he sees him.” Mordred bit his lip as he tied the box onto Xchylar’s leg. “Fly safe, and return quickly.” As soon as he muttered those words, Xchylar gave a snobbish hoot one more time and flew off Mordred’s lap.

“Goodbye, Tank. Enjoy your new company.” He murmured under his breath and smiled at the box which was now flying up in the air. Inside it was Tank, a real Scarab beetle—a huge one measuring up to 8 inches. Before sending it to Oakey, he charmed the beetle to follow Oakey wherever he goes, even camouflage its shell like a chameleon to match the owner’s clothing—a little mischief on Mordred’s part, hoping that Oakey was up for it.
As he watched Xchylar slowly disappear, Mordred’s smile was slowly replaced by a placid expression as he remembers his mother who recently passed away…


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