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Text Cut: Tobias
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
See, the other hug? That was brilliant. And it was a sign of their friendship as well, in a way. Because Forrest knew what to do, and Tobias felt a little bit better again. He returned the second hug before pulling away again and giving a little smile. It was not lost on him that sometimes people felt uncomfortable with some stuff and didn't know what to say, and that was okay. It just felt good to tell someone what was up. "It's okay."

Anyway yes moving on. A genuine smile lit up Toby's face as Forrest proceeded to inform him of the latest goings on at Hogwarts, all of which involved victories of some sort. That was all pretty awesome, especially on top of the Hufflepuff Quidditch win, which he had been present to celebrate at least. "Sweet. I can't wait to go back again and kinda start fresh," he piped up, before slowly starting to bounce ever so slightly on his tiptoes. Tobias was getting better at staying still, but only for so long.

When Forrest held out the flowers, Tobias gave a little chuckle and held his hand out for them. "Well, sir. I am honoured," he said, putting on a pompous voice with a slightly affected accent. The teenager brought the flowers to his face in order to take in their scent (it seemed like the sort of thing to do in this situation) and got a noseful of...


"... tie?" Tobias looked a little bemused for a second before reaching in and extracting the very nice item of clothing, grinning widely again. "I've never seen a flower like this before."

Forrest took his friend's word and smiled. If Tobias said it was okay, he would be a good friend only by letting go and being cheerful as he always was around him.

"Me too." And it really was going to be a fresh start! He was going to study hard this term. He really was! If Tobias was up for it too, it would be even sweeter.

Forrest waited with growing anticipation, couldn't even utter a word, until Tobias brought the tie out.

"Yes," he breathed. His eyes were glinting. "It's constructed specifically for you! I figured, you'll be FOURTEEN soon and we never celebrated out THIRTEEN properly--it's the age of teenagers, y'know, and distinguished adults wear black, silk ties so... I think it's time we wore too."
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