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Originally Posted by Wonderstruck View Post
A ploy to get girls? Jeremy couldn't help but laugh out loud. He never really would have thought that clumsily falling into a fountain would be a good way to meet girls. Although, given the circumstances, fountains did seem to be a good spot for him to meet girls. "I thought wit and charm were supposed to get girls, not the inability to walk after 15 years of existence?" Jeremy inquired with a grin.

Jem? That was a new one. Although he had to admit it was a nice change from Jer, since usually people called him Jer when they were either angry with him and didn't want to take the time to say his whole name (coughhismothercough), or his friends from Florida who were mocking him for being inadequate at muggle sports. "I don't mind," Jeremy said with a little shrug of the shoulders. "It is different though…what made you go with that one?" Jeremy wasn't opposed to calling her Schuyler since it was unique, and it did have a nice ring to it. Although maybe after some time a nice nickname would come to him that he could call her. Assuming, that is, that the two of them would ever have occasion to chat again. "I'll do my best to never call you that then." Even though she seemed nice, it was Jeremy's experience that the nice girls were always the most terrifying when they were angry.

"Near Orlando," Jeremy said with a little nod of the head. "Did you like living in Massachusetts?" Jeremy asked. He had personally never been there, but given its proximity to some pretty neat, historical muggle stuff, several people he knew had vacationed there and loved it. He gave a little sigh of relief when she said her friend had transitioned well. Maybe that meant there was hope for him. Although, he doubted that her friend was as nearly awkward and socially inept as he was, so maybe he shouldn't put too much store into her success story. One can hope though…

Jeremy completely didn't see it coming. In fact, he was so unprepared for it that when the water came cascading down on him he jumped, nearly falling backwards and landing on his rear end. He was in the process of regaining his balance when he noticed Schuyler get hit with a stream that ironically enough was not nearly as big as his, and take a couple of steps backward.

At this point the only thing Jeremy could do was stare at the fountain with loathing. Was it too much to ask for that he remained dry for a while? At the rate he was going he wasn't going to have any dry clothes left. He shifted his focus back to his soaking wet shirt, attempting to get it to uncling from his body, but to no avail. Letting out a sigh, and trying to not think too much of the fact that he was standing in front of a very attractive girl, Jeremy pulled the shirt off his body. "Sorry…I just…I hate wet clothes clinging to me…are you…alright?" Jeremy asked, feeling rather sheepish just holding his shirt in his hands. But of course, his wand was back in the hotel room, and the idea of having another full conversation with a wet shirt on was just…daunting.
"It depends on the girl. The inability to walk could work equally well." Again, depending on the girl. It seemed that Jeremy here had a lot to learn about girls. Schuyler could help. She was very helpful, see.

She smiled at him when he agreed to the nickname. "Good. Jem." It even sounded better as the name rolled off her tongue a second time. Aha. So he did ask why. "Jem Finch." If that made any sense to him. Schuyler watched to see whether he might recognize the name. And now that he had agreed to try his best never to call her 'Sky,' they were pretty square. And by his 'best,' she was assuming this meant him never calling her that. Moving on..

Near Orlando. "Okay, sure," she nodded. She had been to Orlando once, but she was more familiar with Miami and Tampa. Massachusetts? ..Where had he gotten that idea? Oh. Oh, he thought Salem, Massachusetts. Schuyler laughed aloud and shook her head. "No, no. I went to Salem Academy. I'm from New York." Heh. Cute. Maybe she hadn't clarified that earlier.

At this point, Schuyler was wiping away the bit of water that was dripping down to her chin. She moved her hair away from her face and behind her shoulder. "I think the fountain hates you more than me," she added, amused. Wait, wait, wait. Was Jem..? Yes. Yes, he was. Hah! Jeremy here was stripping the fountain-watered shirt right off. Right here. Off a quite fit torso as she quickly realized, by the way. He hated wet clothes clinging to him? Uh huh. Her eyebrows elevated in the slightest, giving off the hint of looking unconvinced, and the side of her mouth pulled in a crooked smirk. "Clearly." Her eyes lowered to the shirt in his hands, then returned to his face, the little smirk still there. Was she all right? "Oh yes, I'm just fine." She gave a small laugh and shook her head slightly. "You're something else." A good something else, though. Yes, so far, she liked this clingy-clothes-hating Jem.
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