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Originally Posted by Wonderstruck View Post
Jeremy wasn't surprised that she was laughing at him. After all, someone his age should probably know how to walk at this point. Only he could make attempting to smell some flowers so much of a hassle. "You did miss the opportunity to see a rather large lily pad stuck to the side of my face," Jeremy said with a bit of a laugh. "Thankfully it was really only me and this one other girl there, and she was surprisingly nice about the whole thing." Jeremy was still incredibly thankful that rather than being annoyed that someone disturbed her smelling the flowers that Delilah had been completely okay with it.

Did he have any nicknames?? Uh…"Sometimes people call me Jer for short," Jeremy said with a shrug. Not very original nor was it very exciting, but it was shorter than saying his full name. "Do you have any?" Schuyler was a unique name within itself…well…at least it was unique to him. He couldn't recall meeting anyone with that name before. Of course the only shortened form that came into his mind was Schu, but that sounded too much like shoe, and Jeremy figured that someone wouldn't really want to walk around being referred to as an object that you wore on your feet. Even if they were really nice shoes…

Well it was nice to know Jeremy wasn't the only homeschooled wizard attending Hogwarts. "Yeah, I am originally from Florida," Jeremy said with a small smile. "It's just my mom and I, so it was easier for me to be around at home to help her take care of things than for me to go somewhere, so she had a wizard teach me for the first couple of years." Jeremy honestly hadn't minded being at home with his mom and receiving his teaching there. But he was curious to meet other people his age with similar gifts, and that was not exactly possible with a home schooling situation. "Did your friend enjoy the change from homeschooling to being with other witches and wizards?" Jeremy asked. Really his only magical exposure had been through his mother, and seeing as he had been raised as a muggle for most of his life, he wasn't really all that familiar with what it was like to have magic just be a normal, public thing.
Schuyler raised a single eyebrow and a smirk graced her lips as Jeremy mentioned the girl who happened to be involved in the whole fountain incident. "Is that so? If I didn't know any better, I'd say this whole misdirection thing is a pretty good ploy to get girls." She was teasing him, of course. Well, half teasing; boys probably would do that.

Jer. She didn't much care for 'Jer,' but she did have a nickname for him that had found its way into her head from the moment he said his name. "If you don't mind, I'd like to call you Jem." And if he asked why, she would gladly tell him. And if he didn't, she'd be equally happy keeping the reasoning to herself. He flipped the question around and directed it her way now, but she shook her head. "Not really. Just Schuyler," she smiled. "I'm open to suggestions, but there are few that I like. Especially 'Sky.'" Eugh. Sky. That was a big 'NO.'

She nodded along to his story of why he had been homeschooled - which was in order to help his mother. Schuyler really couldn't picture herself ever being happy as a homeschooled student, but of course that's because she enjoyed the social aspect of Salem and Hogwarts all too much. "Where in Florida?" Seeing as she had been there a fair amount of times. He asked whether Olly liked transitioning from homeschool to Hogwarts, and she gave a nod. "Yes, she did." And Schuyler knew this because she had asked the girl the same sort of question. She opened her mouth to go on, but just at that moment, a stream of water suddenly splashed straight against her cheek. The Gryffindor quickly took a step back and immediately looked to the fountain because clearly that cursed fountain must have been behind this. Funnily enough, when she glanced that way she saw that the stream of water was still squirting out from one of the cherub's mouths, only it was traveling a little to the left of where Schuyler had been before. Which meant...

Her eyes flickered to Jeremy.

Yep. The boy was currently being soaked with a nice, steady torrent of water.
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