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Chapter 01
England, London
11:30 pm
Her mum was smiling from ear to ear despite the tears in her eyes. She'd made some food for the way home and allowed Louisa to use her wand for preserving it. It was a twelve hour flight, everything could be ruined. Jonathan had finished his book on time, he'd drawn Louisa's visit in twelve drawings and made her animate them for him. Daniel was leaning against the wall and eyeing his older sister as usual, not showing any emotion, but Louisa knew he was going to miss messing around with her. That one time she turned his head into a pumpkin had been so much fun. To her.
The person she never thought would be there was Jason. When she came to visit them a month ago, she hadn't even dreamed about talking to her step father, let alone getting hugged and allowed to borrow his books.
People talked about a happy comeback home, only now did Louisa understand that phrase, understand how it really felt.
"What if the owl doesn't find an open window?" Jonathan was still worried about not being able to write back to Louisa when everyone gathered in the foyer to say goodbye. Jason insisted on taking her to the airport.
"It'll come down through the fireplace."
"What if there's fire?"
"Jon, don't bother your sister. She's got a long way ahead of her." Pauline, her mother, chided as she fussed over Louisa's scarf. It wasn't wrapped tightly enough or something.
"I'll charm it so it wouldn't burn."
"The owl or the letter?"
"Can't we just email?"
"I don't own a computer."
Jonathan gave a loaded sigh, "We'll write letters then."
Louisa pulled away from her mum and hugged the small frail boy tightly, "I'll send you magical pictures. It's just like I'm here with you."
His short arms wrapped around her scarf and he sniffed. She allowed him to cling for a long moment before pulling away and punching his arm lightly, "Next time I'll be here, I shouldn't have to bend so much." He giggled and nodded.
Daniel refused to make any moves towards Louisa, he remained arm crossed and leaning on the wall. She looked at him expectantly. He stared back.
"Want me to give you a souvenir?"
"I don't want anything."
"Not even a pumpkin?" She grinned.
He hesitated, assessing her words before smirking. "You can't. My dad can ground you."
"Don't be so sure." Jason came from the kitchen with a sandwich in his hand, he playfully tugged on his son's hair as he passed and headed for the door. "I'll wait for you in the car."
Louisa turned to her mum by the door who was pressing her lips together so hard, preventing any crying. Louisa's first rule was no tears.
"Take care and be careful," Pauline hugged her daughter, and breathed in her scent. This was the closest she'd ever gotten to Louisa in a very, very long time. It was like she only got used to her presence to be deprived from it again. "If you need money, you can always write to us. You don't have to work for them." She sniffed, impressed with how strong she could hold her own tears.
"Mum, I'll be fine. I enjoy working and living on a budget. It teaches me responsibility. It's enough you paid for my plane tickets." Louisa pried her mum's arms away from her before she was choked out of life, but she gave her a wide smile. "See you soon." Maybe. But she didn't want to scare her mum by adding that one word so she stepped out the door and waved at them all. The thought of her leaving home finally dawning on her when her little brother's chin started wibbling. Before she started wibbling with him, Louisa raced to Jason's car and slipped inside, the cold had stung her cheeks and made her look flushed.
"They broke the rules and started crying, huh?" He said lazily and started the engine.
"You know your wife's tear ducts are way too generous."
He chuckled and got them out on the main road.
Louisa had plans of going to the airport via a portkey or via a floo station, but Jason insisted to take her himself. It was almost midnight, it wasn't so far away but the notion touched her.
He was acting like a father.
"Are you starting your semester as soon as you arrive?"
The lump that had appeared in her throat faded away, and now she just had to sniff and all tears were held back. "Nah. I've got another month to kill in New Zealand. Looking forward for some sun, and beach time."
She could see him smile in the dark, it made her smile too.

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