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Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
Annalee gave a small nod "It would be nice to know someone in my classes besides Mel." Considering they fought constantly, it might be good to have someone else to talk to, "I’ll be sure to find you if I do get lost." She smiled, "And a full tour as well?" Anna looked at him, "Won’t that take a while?" She’d heard Hogwarts was huge… Could he really show her every part?... Well, aside from every common room obviously.

She looked at him surprised, she’d never had anyone show they actually understood, just brushed her off and acted like it was nothing. Either that or like Mel just told her to shut up because she didn’t want to hear it… She gave a smile, "I’m happy to be here… and thank you for being so kind." She nodded and blushed as he took her hand again.

She gave a small nod as he said to trust him. She looked as the wall moved and shock showed. "That… that was…" She tried to find the words to describe how amazing that was to her.
"Mel?" he asked tilting his head giving him a quizzical look. "Is she new to Hogwarts?" he asked her. "Oh well i won't give you a WHOLE tour of the castle but i will show you my favorite parts. You seem capable and a confident young lady to explore the castle on your own." he said with a grin.

"Oh. Well your welcome. I am happy to help. I mean i would want someone to do the same for me." he shrugged. He noticed her blushing when he took her hands. He couldn't help but quote on it jokingly, "What? You never held a guys hand before?" he chuckled and smiled warmly at her.

Kace saw her expression and that was the answer he needed. He smiled widely and then lead her through the wall. "You ready to explore Miss. Annalee?" he asked holding out his hand yet again being the gentlemen he was raised to be.
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