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Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
"Right. Because Charlie is your nickname, right? It wasn't the name on the forms I received." She understood why the girl would go by Charlie though. She had a pretty name. But it was a mouthful, and Charlie fitted her. It suited her.

"We can discuss that another time." Like toward the end of the summer. It wasn't like she was being paid for the help over the next few weeks, anyway. She could have the shoes for free, much like she'd end up with whatever else Tam felt like giving her. It was her merchandise anyway. Her company. Her things. Hers. And no one would tell her not to, because she could throw one hell of a pregnant tantrum if she wanted to.

On with the discussions and the words though. "So. You'll be with me most of the summer, unless I have a hospital appointment, or needy children. Otherwise, you'll be with Britta, Candice or Alina. You'll meet them later on, and you'll see them more than you see daylight. That cool?" If it wasn't...she knew where to go.
Oh, the forms. The forms she'd had to send all the way to Poland to have her mother look over. Because after changing her address, Charlies' father hadn't been all too keen about the stuff. "Charlotta." See, it didn't even sound right coming from her mouth. The only person that called her that was her mother. And it sounded okay in her Polish. Only okay, though. "But I much prefer Charlie. It's easier."

And nicer.

And more 'her'. If that made any sense whatsoever. Charlie nodded a little in recognition of Tam's next point, praying that in the end, the shoes wouldn't be too expensive. Eek. Pretty. Nodding continued, as Charlie tried to make a mental note of all of the name. "You most of the time, Britta, Candice or Alina at other times. Very cool."

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