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Originally Posted by hpfan18 View Post
"You're welcome." he said giving her a warm smile. Then she revealed she was muggleborn, he could relate to that a little bit. "Oh well i am half blood. So my dad is truly muggleborn. So i can kind of relate. My mom is the witch so that is why i know some magic and some stores to go into." he shrugged like it was no big deal. But for Annalee this was. "Oh well i will see you around Hogwarts then. I will be a third year like you maybe?" he said double checking the facts.

"But you will have a fun time. If you need help in the castle, do not hesitate to ask." he said bowing down. "Kace Lecium at your service." he grinned. Then she was about to vent. He sat down looking intent. Oooh so her and her sister were banned from talking to each other. That didn't sound good at all. He frowned to show sympathy.

But it seemed she wanted to forget about all that and he would help her do it. He even heard her say it. He grinned back and lead her toward the wall. "Alright so what you gotta do is tap on the bricks to get in." he said while facing the brick wall.
Annaleecia looked at him, show her around the school? So he was a student there. She smiled slightly and nodded, "I’ll be a third year as well." She smiled at the boy. So he was the same age too? Well, it was nice to know that she and Mel weren’t going to be the only two… Well that was kind of silly but she didn’t know what to expect at this school. And no one could really blame her for that could they? Once again, she was a muggleborn… She didn’t know what any of this would be like.

"I’ll be sure to find you if I need help." The thirteen year old smiled and gave a small laugh and then looked away slightly at the look of sympathy, she took it as pity and that was something she really hated. She decided she might as well explain why though, "You see… My parents were terrified by this…" She motioned around to show she meant magic, "And they sent me away to an orphanage at the age of eight and sent my little sister with me should she be just as strange." She looked down, "I recently convinced them to take her back and their deal was I couldn’t talk to her anymore… Though I’ve basically been the one raising her for the past five years…"

She looked at the bricks then back at Kace, "Tap the bricks?" Well, that sounded absolutely insane to her but she gave a cautious nod and gently hit one of the bricks.
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