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Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
She took the tissues and gave a small smile, "Thanks..." It was nice that someone understood that it wasn't a bad thing to cry, unlike her so called best friend.

She gave a small smile and nodded to what he said, "I'd like that..." She nodded, "Seeing how it's my first time here I don't really know much." Anna smiled, "I mean... I really am fine it's just... Fights with best friends and losing my sister..." She mentally shook her head, this boy probably didn't want to hear about her problems.

She smiled and gave a small laugh to how he explained his name, "Well, it's nice to meet you Kace."
"No problemo! To be honest i hate people seeing me when i am crying. I look like a horrible mess. But you look fine, don't get me wrong. You look pretty good for someone who has got done crying." he put a little joke in there and smiled to her. He wasn't being mean, he was giving her a compliment.

"Oh so it is your first time here?" he said just clarifying the details. "How did i know that? Well you do not seem from around here. But not a problem, you will be familiar with this place for years to come." he reassured her. Then Annalee was explaining her problems and he frowned a little bit. "Oh no if you have have to vent, it is fine. I am here to help even though i am a complete stranger to you." he grinned but wanted to assure her that she could trust him. "But we are on the right track to getting to know each other."

"But if you don't wanna talk about it, i can show you this cool place called Honeydukes. It can cure any unhappiness you are dealing with." he nodded and took her hand and lead her away. When she said his name with a giggle he felt at ease that she liked him and didn't think he was a freak.
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