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Originally Posted by hpfan18 View Post
Kace saw her crying. Kace reached into his shorts pocket for tissues. "Here.." he said giving her a tissue to wipe her eyes. "You do not need to is completely normal." he said giving her a warm smile. The girl looked like she was around his age.

"Yeah you look fine." he joked with her. "Here lemme give you a tour and maybe you feel comfortable. You can trust me, i won't be a boring tour guide." he gave her a grin.

"Nice to meet you Annalee. Oh i am Kace by the way. But you pronounce it like...if your in a court case?" he squinted his eye and shrugged trying to think of a way. He hoped she didn't think he was crazy.
She took the tissues and gave a small smile, "Thanks..." It was nice that someone understood that it wasn't a bad thing to cry, unlike her so called best friend.

She gave a small smile and nodded to what he said, "I'd like that..." She nodded, "Seeing how it's my first time here I don't really know much." Anna smiled, "I mean... I really am fine it's just... Fights with best friends and losing my sister..." She mentally shook her head, this boy probably didn't want to hear about her problems.

She smiled and gave a small laugh to how he explained his name, "Well, it's nice to meet you Kace."
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