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Originally Posted by PuppySara View Post
Annalee looked up hearing someone talking to her. Oh... He looked like he was around her age. She gave a weak smile and quickly wiped the tears away. She gave a small nod to what he asked. She didn't really know how to explain why she was upset.

"I'm fine..." She gave a weak smile, "Just... A little lonely at the moment." She gave a small nod and looked at him, "Annaleecia, by the way. But feel free to call me Annalee."
Kace saw her crying. Kace reached into his shorts pocket for tissues. "Here.." he said giving her a tissue to wipe her eyes. "You do not need to is completely normal." he said giving her a warm smile. The girl looked like she was around his age.

"Yeah you look fine." he joked with her. "Here lemme give you a tour and maybe you feel comfortable. You can trust me, i won't be a boring tour guide." he gave her a grin.

"Nice to meet you Annalee. Oh i am Kace by the way. But you pronounce it like...if your in a court case?" he squinted his eye and shrugged trying to think of a way. He hoped she didn't think he was crazy.
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