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Originally Posted by Unalii View Post
Melek stomped out of the Leaky, excited. The coins that she had put in her pocket jingled and jangled as she started to leave to go school shopping. Mel was going to transfer to Hogwarts in your third year. Melek Tiryaki would deny that she was excited because she was too cool for that. Yep, too cool. Her hair was in a messy ponytail as she accidentally bumped into a girl. She looked up and her eyes grew a little. The girl was really really old... well older than her. "Sorry..." Mel looked up at the girl. The Turkish girl started to back away and looked around for a place to run off to. She found the excited and started to run off, hoping to out run this older person.
Christmas was just thinking about the future when she felt someone bump into her and said "It's okay don't run off i take it this is your first time in Diagon Alley"
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