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Annaleecia walked down into the courtyard just trying to get use to this place. It was her first time there, and she was also alone so... She gave a slight sigh as she looked around. There were probably a lot of families here... all happy and excited to have their kids back and here she was... alone. She wiped away stray tears that slipped at the idea, it was no fun being an orphan... Not when her parents found her to be a freak and just sent her off. She sighed and looked down, but this seemed like a good place to just sit and relax and that's what she wanted right now, just to rest and think. And to try to forget her sister. She was happy of course that she talked her parents into taking Ana back but now she really was alone. Without Mel talking to her, and being forbidden to talk to her sister now... She was just a loner.
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