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He considered her question for a moment. "I...dunno how rooted it is. I was just told some charms have been going wonky and when all the memos stop at the entrance to the level it leaves you wondering what's wrong with the level itself. I haven't found anything else malfunctioning, just a file or two thrown about," Weird seeing as they were meant to be filed away, "but that's pretty much it." As for Maintenance. That was another story in itself. "Let's just say I've been meaning to head down there." No memos, meant manual delivery, shoddy lifts meant he'd have to take the stairs all the way down....then all the way back up. Gavin was still waiting for the right shot of motivation to jolt him into action. Needless to say, it hadn't arrived yet.

Of course it wouldn't be havoc, not for her. There was no comment for that, just none. Until one of them brought a tornado of some kind in here, possibly setting off an explosion while it was at it, he didn't see her thinking these things were all that bad.

He watched intently as she sent the memo flying, noting the dip and slow pace it took on. Slower than the one he'd walked by on the outside, though he wouldn't point that out. It was already clear something was going wrong with them, details would have only given her something to fuss about. So just another nod.....and a longing look too maybe, yes, he couldn't help it. His were in a HEAP by the entrance. They didn't even dip.

His eyebrow raised at her grin. Something funny and he'd missed it--nope! Didn't miss it at all. He pulled a face at her, refusing to smile even though it one was tugging at the corners of his mouth. "From what I gather I'll be participating, but that's nothing a little careful delegation can't fix." He responded with a smirk though he saw himself participating, unfortunately, cage and all. He drew the line at diving after those things or crawling along the ground.
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