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Emily considered his response. "So it's... more than just the memos?" she asked, wanting clarification. Yes, she knew about the lift thing, and Merlin was that an inconvenience as it was, but... "it's that rooted an issue?" Ugh. Of course she had learnt not to expect things to be simple and easy, but this was not ideal. Broken magic was a huge threat to the Ministry, not just in its daily running but all the security as well. It was all linked, it was intrinsic. "Have Maintenance made any headway with that?" At all? Because this was slowly but surely climbing on her list of priorities.

Perhaps it was a good thing she was sitting after all. Emily was temporarily lost in thought, wondering what the cause of these setbacks were. It was becoming clear though, that MLE would be effected, and that it was just a matter of time. Wonderful.

Refocusing her attention on Gavin as he continued to discuss the whole mutant thing, Emily's dismissed his you belong in an asylum look, she was used to that by now. Oh. Well that was dull... "I'd hardly call breaking things and saliva havoc.. but okay.." again, different levels, different experiences, different standards. It was just one of those things, they were worlds apart in this respect. But OH? Light. They didn't like light? "Thanks for the heads up," she said, adding that detail to her notes. She gave her memo a once over, it was good to go. She watched as it folded itself into a plane, and then...




"Yeah... I see what you mean," she commented as the plane glided and dipped through the air, the door opening with plenty of time for it to zipflllllooaaattt through before it closed again. Merlin help them.

She could hardly think which was worth her attention more, the mutants or the memos. Mutants were hardly an issue for level two, so she was slightly less inclined to go with that one, even if it sounded more promising. But alas, it seemed she didn't have a choice in the matter. As fun as search parties sounded, there was something far more amusing in the thought which made her grin - flashing her pearly white teeth and all. "So you'll be assisting in the hunt and recapture?" she asked, clearly delighted by the idea. Of course it went without saying that she would get her people to help, heck, she could spare some time to go on a mutant!hunt if necessary. "Or are you merely coordinating?" Seeing as he was so fond of delegating... and it sounded as if he was delegating to her, or recruiting, or whatever. Either way, she wasn't complaining.
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