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It was just like her to seek solutions.....only after it might have been on the verge of affecting her as well. Not surprizing and under normal circumstances he would have applauded her ideas but that didn't seem to be the problem. At least not on his level. He'd never asked Aron. "Those might only work in certain areas within the Ministry. There's some kind of faulty magic breakdown on my level from what I'm hearing." At least, that's how he and his staff had assessed it. They still needed maintenance to take a look at it but that was the unofficial story for now. That being said, it was worrying. If faulty magic was making the memos stop, what else would it make go wrong?

And there she went missing the point. Multi-tasking and being all efficient while he was forced up and down stairs. This wouldn't work. Nope. They needed a solution--fast. Gavin shrugged at her apology. Might as well use them while they were still working, yeah?

Good Merlin, why did it look like she was so....what was the word...fascinated by the idea of a mutant causing havoc? He gave her a look, one that playfully suggested she seek professional help. "It wrecked the office, what else would it do? Smashed things and there was the acidic saliva to add--OH!" Because this was also something he was meant to mention. "Light. Harmony mentioned the mutants seemed to have some strong aversion to light. Best not go shining things at it." Yet another thing for her to pass on to her people.

"Yup." He said with a nod. "He seemed a bit reluctant but he agreed to go off what she said...which brings me to the next thing...." Seeing as she was eyeing him like she expected him to go on. "We might be running search parties through this place. She asked me to cover Levels 1 and 2--and of course I'm asking you to help out here--not only are we looking out for them but we're catching them too. Cages will be made available by the holding area in Level 4." Welcome to the search party?
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