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Gavin had finally had his eyeful of the office and gave his full attention once again to Emily. He'd missed the amusement and curiosity but looked just in time to see the dread. Yes. See? Failing memos were scary. Not in a literal sense but rather, a business sense. There had to be a lot going in and out of this level, imagine needing a lacky to do all this transferring of knowledge now. Wasteful. He gave a nod when she said she'd look into. "Best you do. Wouldn't want to end up like me and Aron." Leaving their offices and asking each other to be messengers. Ugh.

And just like that she was off. Aron wasn't kidding when he spoke about her mojo and getting it going. It was almost like the woman had been shifted into gear. Merlin! He watched her moving about, kinda like her mind was already giving her images of what was to come. No doubt she was looking forward to this...but...."You've got to be kidding." He raised an eyebrow at her. Really? "The least you could do is wait until I leave." She was going to send a memo while he was forced in here because of failing memos??? That was just cold.

So cold in fact that her question nearly went right over his head. Good thing he was one to keep his wits about him. Anything else he had to tell her. "Yeah...there was another mutant break out down in Harmony's Office. You should see what that thing did. Luckily they caught it but there's been more sightings all over and we think some might have gotten into the Ministry. She suggested we do a Ministry wide searches and operate under the policy of 'if you see something, say something', that kind of thing."

He paused hesitantly, wondering if he should tell her the next thing or just let it be a surprize.
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