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Whatever interest he found in the place, was enough to interest her. So as it was, she was happy to sit and observe Gavin inspect her space. Because that was all it was, her professional space. His complying to sit got a smile out of her, and it grew as he adjusted his seat. She could have sat herself down too, but she didn't want to risk loathing her chair more than she already did, so her desk would do, for now.

And then he exposed her to a plethora of emotions. Amusement, at the look on his face, curiosity at the mention of level three and his having been delegated to, and lastly dread. The memos. No. "Uhuhhh..." Her memos had to keep working, there were no if's or but's about it. "Thanks... I'll keep my eye on those..." because she rather liked the convenience of the system.

The mention of research lab resulted in a raised eyebrow. Crups, lab, yes.. mutants from there too? She supposed that made sense. Lookit that, he was connecting dots for her, how very kind of him. "Yes, of course," she prompted, acknowledging her understanding. And then Boom! Bam! That, was definitely good to know. A slow smile akin to that of a childs in a candy store grew on her face. "You don't say?" she mused rhetorically, hopping off her desk and moving around to her chair now. Despite its ostentatious style, it served its purpose, so she couldn't complain all that much. "I'll have a team on it within the hour," she said, picking out two squares of coloured paper from her draw. She took only a moment to scribe a few notes, which she then dropped into her in-tray. The task wouldn't be forgotten, her system was flawless - in her mind at least. "Anything you haven't told me?" she asked, before summoning a memo slip to send her people. She could relay her instructions personally, but they were a competent group, so they'd manage without her stares, plus... she wanted to check out her droopy memos for herself.

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