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So this was his predicament. Merlin knew how long he'd have to wait for her to show up. The thought crossed his mind to send a patronus out, it'd find her and fix his problem whether she was inside or somewhere else completely but there was no need. In the next minute or three the door was opening. Whether it was someone leaving her office or her, it didn't matter, just so long as someone else braved that door because it wouldn't be him.

Ah! Emily! Good!

Clearly one of them was amused by this predicament. "Not at all. Found my way here all by myself, thanks." Not many wrong turns he could take so there was that. As for whether or not there was something she could help him with. He nodded and walked by her, heading into her office. Might as well get a look inside. Conversations out in hallways weren't his thing.

No pictures and a nice fireplace. He'd expected as much. His eyes idly trailed the decor in her office even as he spoke. "As a matter of fact there is. Got a message from Aron for you." How did she managed to keep her desk so organized?
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