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After a solid hour and a half in the office, which was more than enough for her liking, Emily made the executive decision to check up on her employees and mingle a bit. First stop, the Aurors office. It hadn’t helped that they were headless, only increasingly her work load. The advantage to it was that she could still play Auror a bit, which if she was being honest, was far better to Department Head. At any rate, she could only hope they’ve made some progress with their cases. Time was of the essence.

In the moment she opened her door, she was confronted with the sight of Gavin, standing a way off, and looking in her general direction. ..... ???

“Got yourself lost?” she chuckled at the expression on his face.

Even though she’d invited him before, and he’d said he might stop by, the visit was still unexpected. A pleasant surprise. “Something I can help you with Mr. Isaacs?” she asked formally after the pause.
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