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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
"That was not fun," William mumbled as he tagged along with January. Wait, maybe she was being sarcastic? He wasn't really in the mood for jokes right now. Obviously. He was in a dolphin sarong. He WAS the joke.

He glanced down at it as his redhead friend brought it up. "Yeahhhhhh no. Has it ever occurred to you that our boss might just be mad?" Genuine question, January.
In fact, she was being sarcastic, but oh well. She imagined William wasn't in a very joking mood at the moment. January gave the sarong another once-over and pursed her lips. "Yes. I occurs to me most days, actually." She had tried not to be judgmental when she first met her, but it just so happened that her first impression was a lasting one.

"On the bright side, the dolphins really bring out your eyes." Heheheh. Okay, okaaaaaay, enough of the sarong jokes. She was done.

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