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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Memo's complete, Aron gave his wand another flick to send them on their merry way. "We had some trouble keeping the crup sightings on the down low as well," he nodded. "Can't blame them, muggles I mean. Curiosity about something potentially unfamiliar or frightening always seems to be intriguing. Human nature I suppose. Although I never did understand their fascination with slowing down to look at car wrecks." Honestly, WHAT good could come from that? Nothing. "Not to fear, the situation will be handled."

Ah yes, the acidic saliva. Yeah. That had been a shocker for his people as well. "Yep, melted the floor right there on the spot. I really did think that Derek was going to pass out." He took a step towards the door with every intention of going with the man to speak with Harmony, when the paper airplane memos he had just sent went crashing to the ground and landed in a pile just shy of the door. "You said the memos are not working on your level?"

Faulty charmed parchment? Should be an easy fix for his people.

"I'll have some of my people look at the enchantments. Shouldn't be too hard to repair. Probably just need to renew them." Right now he needed to focus on this apparent mutant invasion.

So back to that conversation. "Nothing of that sort," he replied as he shook his head and picked up his memos from the floor. "Research is still underway, however. I'll be sure to send a full report to the Minister when we have something conclusive."

Memos in hand, it looked as though he was going to need to play the role of an owl and deliver them himself. Bloody fantastic. "I'll go with you. I have a few things I need to discuss with Harmony as well."
Gavin was only half listening to Aron go one about Muggles and their odd fascinations with disaster. Most of his attention was fixed on the memo the man was about to seemed flying seeing as he was bloody sure all his stopped at the entrance to Level 1. Figures something would go wrong when he takes over. At the very last minute he caught what the man was saying. "I thought the Muggles near my place where the only ones that liked doing that." No one ever bothered to think 'let's not create a traffic jam because Gavin would like to get home unlike the rest of us'. Inconsiderate, the whole race of them.

His eyes flickered to the floor at the mention of that thing making a whole there. If something like that had happened back at the Cafe he could think of someone else that might have fainted but he'd keep that to himself. Professionalism and all. "Nope. Won't fly more than a few inches and that's only with with a manual push. Heard it might be the charms."

It didn't go unnoticed that Aron's wasn't flying either. Gavin raised an eyebrow at that. Had the broken charms extended this far? Emily didn't mention not having her memos flying. Things like that didn't just skip a floor."Thanks, I need that level up and running again. Too much to do without memos not working." And mutants apparently running around.

Mutants that didn't have anything conclusive researched yet. He'd hold him to his word on getting it to the Minister and nodded at his offer to accompany him. It was just as well, he'd never walked around Level 4, he'd probably have run into everything from the furry to the fanged before finding her office. Gavin headed for the door again and let himself out, keeping a slow enough stride for Aron to catch up.
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