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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Oh good, he was in at the moment. Gavin could hardly imagine or more accurately, didn't want to imagine having given up his lunch completely to make his way up here just to have the man be elsewhere. Under normal circumstances he would have waited to be invited in but nothing about this situation was normal. When creatures started turning floors into pink drool things got serious.

"Mr. Hawthorne." He said by way of simple greeting as he stepped by the man and let himself in. Gavin paused, stuck his hands in his pockets and took in the man's office. The current state of his desk didn't indicate he was in the middle of something. Even better, he could have his full attention.

"Nice office." However, this wasn't a social call. The Senior Undersecretary turned to face the man again. "A curious thing happened today, rather curious. There was something that looked like that it had fallen in a vat of toxic waste, running through the muggle cafe just on the corner." A very nice way of putting it. Frankly, that thing was just plain u-g-l-y. It's creator had a horrid sense of humour.

"What can you tell me about that."
"Ashburry-Hawthorne," he replied, clearing his throat just a tad. Come on now, mate. Know the Department Head's names even if they are rather long. He didn't mind the whole walking in uninvited bit, he often did that himself. Especially when it came to Roxanne because he knew how much it annoyed her. Others he would not dare because women could have real daggers for eyes at times.

"Thanks, the wife arranged things." Minus the plants, naturally. He had no sense for where things ought to go and just shoved furniture and stuff into rooms just so it would fit. He enjoyed the lived in look. He reached for his cup of coffee on his desk and was disappointed to see that its contents was empty. Looked like another trip to the break room was in order soo---

"What? You mean the creature that is currently being held in on Level 4 escaped?" What? Had Harmony misread its aurora? "Were there any muggle witnesses?"

Oh, and now Mr. Senior Undersecretary wanted more information? Well, do did this Department Head.

"We caught a creature in the lab last year. Caused an explosion and destroyed the entire place. I have a small team researching the creature, but they haven't produced anything conclusive as of yes. Awful looking thing. Big teeth."

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