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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Aron was mentally grinning as Jade spoke. Yes yes, everything was going just as he had figured they would go, and with Shakespeare's situation becoming a bit more complicated, this was going to work out perfectly... But then she kept speaking and he found the rest of her answer surprising. Not in a bad way, but just a very unexpected one.

NOW he really needed to go back over her file. Maybe what he had in mind for her wasn't the way to go.

"Well, that certainly IS an outstanding goal, Jade, and one that I have no doubt you will be able to achieve," he said as he flipped through some more pages in her file using his index finger. "I actually called you in here today to discuss a different job opportunity, but after hearing what you just said it seems like, perhaps, a change in divisions would better suit you to help you grow as an employee of this department." He couldn't promote her to Supervisor right away, of course, but something else within the Memory Restoration and Retrieval Bureau was a possibility. "You have done an outstanding job in your current position, even going above and beyond what your duties as a Reminisciator require. My question to you now is...would you like to stay within your current division or do you feel a transfer is in order?"
That was a tough question. What did she want to do? It was true that recently she started thinking about a different path for her long term career, but then she had only been a Reminisciator for a couple of years now and she still felt that she hadn't fulfilled her true potential as a Reminiciator. Besides, she absolutely loved her job.

And that was the crux of the thing wasn't it? Thinking it over for another minute, she finally made up her mind.

"Well, while becoming the supervisor of the MRRB is my ultimate long term goal years from now. I feel like I haven't everything that I had wanted to do and learn as a Reminiciator so I would like to remain with my division. I know that it is a decision that can benefit me in the long term and it is best suited to me at the moment."

Yes, it was the best decision for her. And the reason why she had come to the British MoM in the first place.
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