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Originally Posted by pinkphoenix View Post
Almost to the second, half an hour later, Jade was knocking on Aron's office door. She wondered what he wanted to talk to her about, she hoped that it wasn't something very long because she had just left Derek with Mr. Erikson. While Derek had been his usual self, she couldn't be sure that he wouldn't end up doing something bad to Erikson if he didn't have supervision at least for the next few days. And of course after this meeting with Aron, she needed to get down to Magical Creatures to find out what was new with Mutant X.
Aron's desk was, for lack of a better word, a mess. With all the paperwork that had come with the previous mutant sightings combined with the floo network problems, it really was a wonder that the man hadn't drowned in the sea of papers.

"Oh, there that is," he said as he uncovered a memo from Roxanne regarding the lab where the crups had come from. Couldn't the woman have delivered the message herself? Especially considering how paperwork tended to become an accident itself within his office. Setting the memo in his drawer, the Department Head made a mental note to himself to go speak with Emily later about the issue - since it appeared as though Jade had arrived.

"Come in!" he called as he pulled out her file from his employee records on the shelf behind him.

And he was going to need to reply to that other memo too. Merlin. Get more on top of things Ashburry-Hawthorne!

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