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Originally Posted by DeathEater1 View Post
Cardigan began to draw a lightly shaded rainbow, accompanying the girl's stick figure. It wasn't a very happy one, and it needed some light. Call her childish, but it was just her being her. She could be the most immature in the room, as well as the most mature. It could be one reason why she had skill in assisting others with their situations.

"'Cause what?" She asked, trying to decipher what the girl was saying. She didn't have much to work with from that. She would do her best.

"Oh, I see," Cardigan said as it clicked, the girl having explained her angst.

"Chalk and Bubbles not your thing, huh? Not mine, either."
Giving her stick man a sloppily drawn grumpy face, Alice made sure to sketch him facing away from the rainbow. Her little dude didn't need to be contaminated with the happiness, okay? If he wanted to be a grouch, he could be. Stick people freedoms and all that.

Glancing away from Cardigan and the chalk doodles momentarily, her eyes flickered over to the Durmstragglers that had arrived at the station. It took a few moments for her to comprehend that the foreigners had been invited too, and Alice immediately started grumping again.

"If it's not your thing, how come you're here?" 'Cause this girl could move around stations if she pleased, unlike Alice, who was stuck here.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Chalk art was fine and good for people who could draw, but Mo could not. Plus Alice seemed to have that whole... thing under control at the moment. She looked really thrilled about it too, to be honest. Mo puttered around the basket of chalk for a minute, but since it seemed like everyone was already gravitating towards the chalk, he moved on to the soapy water.

Bubbles. Those were cool, right? Since he had helped charm it himself, he might as well enjoy some of the fruits of his labor. He took up one of the bubble wands and held it do his eye like a monocle. "Eh, pip pip, I say. I bet I can blow a bigger bubble than anyone. I bet I can blow a bubble big enough to capture one Alice Fischer inside of it. Anyone want to take my bet?" Because what was a competition without an opponent.
"Hate to pop your bubble, Branxton," LOL, more puns. Where was Nigel? Did he hear how good she'd gotten? "But any bubble I blew would make your bubble cry. And then pop itself as an act of self loathing."

Alice, somewhat less grumpy, finished up her glum stick figure drawing before scooting over to a bowl filled with soapy water. She'd actually never blown bubbles before, so the sixth year was quite intrigued by the bubble wands and their magic. How was she supposed to hold this thing?

Brandishing it like a sword seemed like the best option.
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