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Her heart rate returned to a semi normal rate, or as normal as it was going to get around Mischa, when he seemed to buy that she had meant the gargoyle all along. Not for long though. Cha apparently didn't like the very nice Hogwartian gargoyle over in the corner and instead wanted him to draw them. Karina and Mischa. At the first task. When all this... this started. Commence mild panic attack in her mind. "Oh, but it was dark. My drawing would be all blacked out," she said cleverly dodging the thought of "us", and not so cleverly slipping into her own language. Way to be intimate. Karina flushed and continued on, probably babbling, "Besides it being dark, I can... only draw from life. And that's in my memory." She looked down. It wasn't a very good excuse, even though it was a true one.
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