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A smirk formed on her lips as Vic did indeed read the contract top to bottom. Impressive still, was the speed at which he read, then again, he was probably used to such tasks. Her lips slackened into an easy smile, nodding her understanding. She did pick up on the way he used the term boss, something she was quickly growing used to. "Yes, and on that note, I'd like you to start immediately, there's no need to fuss around with transitioning, just jump right in and get yourself settled." Emily doubted it would take the man much longer than a few days to get himself up-to-speed and at least adjusted to the new role.

The department looked more promising already... though, there were still changes that needed implementing. They would no doubt take some time.

"Did you have any questions?" she asked, leaning back in her seat and sparing a glance at the time.
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