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Even as he grabbed the page she knew he wouldn't say no, Vic was smart, and the smart thing to do was to say yes. Still, it was nice to hear his response to her question. Words just made it all the more... official, but not nearly as official as signing things. Speaking of. Removing the contract from his folder, she pushed it in his direction along with a self-inking quill, "Excellent, ready to sign your life away?" she asked, wondering if the Director of Prosecutions would read every inch of the contract before doing so. It would amuse her to no end.

As for him fitting the position, that was never in doubt. "You've... impressed me," she started, sitting forward a bit in her seat "you're obviously intelligent, educated, you have a strong work ethic, you conduct yourself with a high degree of professionalism, you're committed to the department... I couldn't think of anyone better for the role." That was her analysis of his performance in the workplace, which could not be questioned considering the volume of time and effort he vested in the de Talone case. "You've earnt it."
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