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She'd watched as the eagle origami circled above her desk before landing, her gaze quickly scanning its contents to identify its level of importance... it could wait, for now. Sliding it to the side of her desk, she continued to give Vic her undivided attention. In terms of his reading people through possessions, she was curious. "And, what can you ascertain about me by my office?" She wanted to know.

Emily, resting the tips of her fingers against each other, observed from her seat. She nod her head as she listened, liking what she was hearing... clearly. "I'm glad to her that." Perhaps there was still some hope for this department... if Vic was anything to go by.

Crossing her right arm around her middle, propping up her left, Emily absentmindedly ran her nails across her thumb in thought. "I would think," she started, breaking the brief silence, "that ministry prosecution isn't your career goal, where do you see yourself going with this?"
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