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follow me; everything is all right.

Despite the snake's size, the stunning spell effectively dazes it, though not rendering it completely unconscious. Possibly enough for you to get by, if you hurry.

Once you write down the answer, the compartment door slides open and the second compartment door lies open, again waiting for you to enter. Once you step inside, the door shuts behind you. Just like in the previous compartment, a riddle on a piece of parchment floats before you:

I am famous I am gold,
for my smile the ladies swoon and fall,
I am marvellous I am Ravenclaw.,
A boy with a scar called my bluff.

The train picks up in speed again. Suddenly, dozens of little electric blue creatures with long, pointy ears and wings emerge from their hiding places and fly frantically all over the train car. Their shrill voices fill the air as they fly around your head, tugging at your hair, kicking your ears, and pulling on your robes. If you can see past them, you’ll notice the same “Who Am I?” parchment and the quill on the other side of the compartment.
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