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Narrowing her eyes at the change in his face, she let out a small, low growl. "You, old man, just got yourself into trouble." she told him, standing up and looking him dead in the eye. "Do you think I don't know when you're laughing at me?" Pfft, she was totally in a bad mood. Maybe she should actually get some sleep? "Sorry, just tired. Torie woke me up last night and then Jay came out because he was gone and long story short, I had to make them all hot chocolate and then once I'd gotten the boys to bed, Emma woke up and you," she prodded him in the chest gently, "Slept through everything." Next time, she was going to wake him up and make him deal with the kids. It wasn't just her job to do it.

Glancing toward the food, Becca shook her head. "No, I'm okay. I made us something for later because the food is never any good at these things." When he said he didn't mind, she rolled her eyes. "Go on, I'll get a drink and then stay out of your way unless you need me to scare someone for you." Yeah, she was pretty good at that.
"No, I'm not laughing at you! I swear I'm not!" he said his eyes widening, and shaking his head "Normally it's the other way around that's all, it's a bit amusing to think I'm actually being mean." That was all, really! Nothing more! His face fell when she said about Jay and Torie both came in. "How did I miss that with the boys?" he murmured. He normally would have woken. usually Merlin, she should have woken him...or something. "I swear if that happens again just err....push me out of bed or something if I don't wake." Yeah that'll make him wake up. Or it should anyway!

A bit of a grin appeared at her words of making something for later, "I look forward to it." he replied, "Heh, I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I could send Charles your way. He seems to kind of try to avoid you, since he'd met you that one time."