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Originally Posted by Karina Wozniacki View Post
Karina blinked in slight surprise when a student decided to sit across from her. "Hey," she said back, what else could she say? "Are you in Gryffindor?" she asked, wary. It was possible her mental calling to Gryffindors had worked, but she seriously doubted it, and she twirled her red hair in her fingers as she thought. What if this was a student who wanted to harm her? Why would someone be so friendly, so unguarded; this new girl would have to be naive to come and sit with a total stranger. Karina didn't stay anything else as she continued to think about all the things that could go wrong. She adjusted her red cloak and remained silently on guard for anything that was a threat.
Lex noted the look of surprize on the girl's face but didn't think much of it. Probably didn't have much people walk up to her where she came from. Pity really. Areas like that weren't conducive to building friendships.; not at all. Thinking that left Alexa wondering, where was this girl from? Not Hogwarts for sure because then she would have known her...but school were a two options: the girl was either homeschooled and lived in Hogsmeade making her a regular that Lex wouldn't know simply because she'd never been to the Hog's Head before....or she went to school, just...somewhere else? Yeah.

Alexa tilted her head at the girl and gave her a curious look. That...was an oddly accurate guess. "I am..." The answer was a bit hesitant but she quickly regained her composure and gave a firm nod to go with it. "The name's Alexa, 4th year Gryffindor. I'd like to guess your house but I don't even know if you go to school." Not meant to be an insult but a simple fact. "Why do you ask?"
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