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The Last of Her Kind

Originally Posted by GrapehGrape View Post
This was going to be amazing! Adelaide stood, floating ever so slightly off the ground just out of her happiness at the moment. She nodded listening the professor's instructions, ignoring the part about Bartholomew Henry, before donning a green pair of wings. Man this was weird.

She thought of something happy and poof! she was flying over the lake. Adelaide let out an excited giggle as she began to circle ever so slightly. Most of the sky seemed to be green. But then she spotted a pair of blue wings.

Adelaide quickly gathered the sun light she would need and aimed her wand at the Ravenclaw girl. "Solis Focalis." She watched and waited to see if her hit struck.
Adrienne was totally focused on the boy she was trying to hit, so it was a total surprise when a bolt of sunlight headed straight towards her. It grazed her left wing, but it was enough to send her spiralling off-course. She could feel the heat as it dissipated near her face and she cringed, struggling to get back up to her previous height.

Anger flared when she whirled around to see who was the cause of her now partially melted wing, and when she noticed the older Slytherin she frowned and raised her wand. "Solis Focalis!" Come on, hit, hit...
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