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Default lol i forgot Dex's post color and i'm too lazy too find it. Whoops.
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Curiosity getting the better of him, Dex entered the creature holding room with a clipboard under one arm. Earlier, he had watched his department head wander in with a creature he'd never seen before. It was strange that such a thing would happen. Dex was well versed in his creature knowledge and enjoyed reading up on new discoveries in the Magical Creatures Magazine, whose actual title he may have temporarily forgotten.

Before even beginning the search for the new creature, the man made his way down the first few rows of shelving and kennels to do his daily rounds, picking up food and other necessary care items for the creatures he'd tasked himself with.

Giving a little pat to the niffler they'd brought in only a few days ago, Dex shut the final cage and started the search for the new one, having not spotted any new creatures in the rows he'd just been down, he checked the other side of the room eventually happening across the thing.
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