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Cage in hand, Ella entered the holding room with the little mutant creature that was hopefully still snoozing. She walked to the furthest corner and set the cage on a shelf about four feet off the ground for easy access. The shelf was charmed to hold the cage so any wobbling and flailing of the creature would not knock the cage to the ground. This little guy wasn't going anywhere. Ella then proceeded to place the normal several protective charms over the cage so the employees wouldn't lose any fingers.

When she was done, she stuck a note to the side of the cage that read:


Name: Unknown
Breed: Unknown
Cause of current state: Unknown
Rating: XXXX (Dangerous / requires specialist knowledge / skilled wizard may handle)

This creature could be the product or the cause of a lab explosion. This creature is DANGEROUS. Proceed with caution. Do NOT remove protective charms without explicit permission from the Magical Creatures Department Head.

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