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Originally Posted by DJ ExpelliarMOOSE View Post
Oakey took the Groundskeepers greeting as his invitation to come into the Pen. So he moved around to the entrance and came in. Carefully closing the gate behind him. "I was just on a walk. Stopped by to see if you had anymore logs to restock our Common Room." Truebee was the calf right! Uhhh sounded familiar some how. "Could I see the calf?" Oakey asked. He didn't really have anywhere else to be right now.
Firth gently rubbed the top of Bonny's head and Oakey made his way into the pen. Hopefully that would help keep her nice and relaxed. After all, Alistaire wouldn't let anyone hurt her under his watch, and she knew that. "Trust yeh Hufflepuffs ter be out on walks in th' Grounds. Yeh all as a whole seem ter appreciate the outdoors more." Perhaps because their Common Room was underground? "Bu' about yer logs..." He thought for a moment. "Yes, I do. There's still a bit in th' stock pile back behind my hut, I believe," he said, gesturing towards his home. "Yeh cin help yerself, bu' with this more mild weather, I'll bet yeh don' need too much more."


"Well I think Bonny says go ahead, don' you?" he chuckled. "She's in the enclosure there. But if were you, I'd pat th' momma firs' just so she's more comfortable with yeh." Angry momma cow was a BAD idea.

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