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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
SPOILER!!: Gabi gabbing :3
Gabi shook her head. "I didn't THINK they could expire, although it would make sense that they'd weaken over time," she said. "Although all of them malfunctioning at the same time? That seems a bit...odd. And last I checked they'd all passed inspection last year. I know my own fireplace at home doesn't need any maintenance and that's going on 20 years of being operational in the network..." she said, thinking out loud.

She blinked when suddenly, the flames started to turn white, not green as they were supposed to. UMMMM. That wasn't right. Not right at all. "WELL that brings us to another issue," she said. This time she knew EXACTLY what was up with the white flames. She picked up the pot of Floo powder on his mantle and examined it.

"Something is wrong with the powder. Not sure what, I'll have to run tests, but that is the only thing that effects the flames. No charm has anything to do with that - just with destination," she explained. She took a deep breath and tried to map out everything that was happening in her head. Ok, so the connections were faulty and not sending people to the correct places. Then Aron's floo powder was defective. So there was more than one reason as to why the network was all wonky...and she had a feeling it had to be connected. Someone was tampering with it. WHO was doing it was a completely different question, but...she couldn't see any other situation where BOTH components of the floo system got messed up at the SAME time.

Ah. Yes. That WAS a good point. Aron did not believe in coincidences. Not to that scale at least. So instead of a proper response there was a whole lot of hmmmmmmm-ing going on from his desk as he leaned against it and drank more of his coffee. He was almost done with his first mug of the stuff by this point.

"The powder has been tampered with?" he said, mouth open wide and coffee dribbling out of it in the process. Fantastic. All over his white shirt. "Do you mean someone broke into my office and did something to it over the holidays?" Sweet SWEET Merlin what else could go wrong on Level 3? Wait, no, he was not going to entrain the thought of 'what else.' Aron set his now empty mug down and then walked over to look at the powder. "I would offer up the lab on this level, but there was an explosion at the start of the year. Completely unusable. You'll have to use the one on Level 2." He was already groaning in his head about this. Derek was going to be SO distracted from his work and Miss Don't Tough This on level 2 was likely to be a great hinderance. Unless their talk at the orientation had been an indication of her calming down. "Let me know if you need someone from my Potion Accident Response Team for your investigation. Meriwether is one of the best in the business and has a strong team under his supervision."

Looked like it was busy times ahead. Speaking of lab explosion....he ought to go check on tha----
Originally Posted by Hera View Post
Busting through the walls with an energetic flutter, the silver hummingbird hovered in the space above Aron's desk. Opening its beak, the slightly frantic voice of Seren came out.

"Aron! It's happening! I need you home now!"

The hummingbird dipped and dived, and disappeared into thin air.

Aron's jaw was hanging open like a Venus Flytrap - and probably a fly or two flew in and out in the time he just stood there staring at the hummingbird patronus. Happening. It. Happening. Home. Him. Seren. It. Now. Can. Not. Compute....

"MY WIFE JUST WENT INTO LABOR!?" he suddenly shouted out of both glee and anxiousness. Was that an earthquake? Oh. No. Nevermind. Just his hands shaking.

His eyes were back on Gabriela for now. "Ineedtogo," he said as he grabbed a few things off his desk and shoved them into his briefcase. "Take whatever you need for your investigation and make sure my office is locked as you leave, yeah?" And then he completely forgot that his floo network was having issues in his haste. Aron leaped into his fire place, grabbed some of the faulty floo powder and spoke. "Bristol!"

And then he was gone...and hopefully off to the correct location.

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