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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Aron attempted what was a rather awkward sounding chuckle. He really did not fancy being shouted at in any language if he could help it, but he supposed that it was something to at least be able to know what was being shouted at him. He was positive that none of it was good, however. Hence the shouting.

"Do those spells of expiration dates?" he asked while sipping on his first cup of coffee. He didn't know how spells and enchantments worked, if those things had specific time limits and all that. Probably something he ought to know considering his department and its involvement. He took a few steps forward and sipped some more from his mug while peering over her shoulder. "You sure I won't end up in Germany this time?"

He was partly joking partly serious as his prepared his fire place. Only the flames were a rather...unfortunate color now. "No offense, but I am not too eager to go jumping into white flames," he said with a slight jab of his thumb. Too much magnesium sulfate?
Gabi shook her head. "I didn't THINK they could expire, although it would make sense that they'd weaken over time," she said. "Although all of them malfunctioning at the same time? That seems a bit...odd. And last I checked they'd all passed inspection last year. I know my own fireplace at home doesn't need any maintenance and that's going on 20 years of being operational in the network..." she said, thinking out loud.

She blinked when suddenly, the flames started to turn white, not green as they were supposed to. UMMMM. That wasn't right. Not right at all. "WELL that brings us to another issue," she said. This time she knew EXACTLY what was up with the white flames. She picked up the pot of Floo powder on his mantle and examined it.

"Something is wrong with the powder. Not sure what, I'll have to run tests, but that is the only thing that effects the flames. No charm has anything to do with that - just with destination," she explained. She took a deep breath and tried to map out everything that was happening in her head. Ok, so the connections were faulty and not sending people to the correct places. Then Aron's floo powder was defective. So there was more than one reason as to why the network was all wonky...and she had a feeling it had to be connected. Someone was tampering with it. WHO was doing it was a completely different question, but...she couldn't see any other situation where BOTH components of the floo system got messed up at the SAME time.
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