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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Aron felt slightly awkward FOLLOWING her through HIS department, but he really just needed to forget that and his man pride and just be grateful that she was going to personally look into the issue. "Last time I tried using it to the one of two places it should be hooked up to I ended up in Frankfurt," he said as he rubbed the back of his next and set three mugs of warm coffee on his desk. One for her and two for him.

I had been quite the week already.

"I haven't tried it again since, well, I don't fancy being shouted at in German again."
Gabi managed a smirk and chuckled. "Well, lucky for you, if this happens again, you've got a German native with you," she told him. Alright, now onto the issue at hand...

To be honest, Gabi was still learning all this transportation stuff. She'd learned quite a big deal since being thrown into the position, mainly due to the fact that the former Department Head was her boyfriend, but she was still learning the tricks to the business. Thankfully, she knew quite a bit about the Floo network stuff (it was the portkeys that were tripping her up in her transportation education) so hopefully she'd be able to help Aron with this.

"Well, let's see....AHA! Yes, one of the spells used to configure Floo connections is specific to each country," she explained. Why hadn't she seen that before! She made a mental note to send a memo to her Floo personel the second she was done with Aron's office. "So if it's sending you to Germany, that's obviously broken. Let me see if tweeking that fixes the problem..." she muttered, kneeling down in front of the fireplace and taking her wand out of her skirt pocket.

She muttered a few incantations and waved the wand, and the only indication that she'd done it correctly was a few green sparks that erupted in the middle of the fireplace for a second or two before vanishing.

"That's a start. Care to test it?" she asked. Aron knew where these connections were supposed to go, not her, so it made sense that she use him as her guinea pig.
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