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Originally Posted by dan arjay View Post
Zach felt a little bit shamed about the result of this meeting. He cleared his throat and said in a mild tone.

"I am really sorry, sir." he said. "Because of the ruckus with the change of government, the Liaison Supervisor is missing in action." he said in an apologetic tone.

"I am really sorry." he said standing and was about to say goodbye.

"I must be leaving now, sir. I am sorry for wasting your precious time." he said and waited for the acknowledgement from the other party.
Interesting choice of words, but Aron would throw the man a twig and not say anything. Also made him wonder if his was the only department that had files in need of a serious update. Looked like the new Minister and Senior Undersecretary had their work cut out for them.

"In the future, may I suggest the use of flying memos for this sort of business?" he said with a small nod towards the door. Don't let it hit you on your way out?

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