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28. Nox

Minerva had lost him.

The woman sighed and lowered her wand as her gaze flitted around in one last ditch attempt to spot her quarry. She had been tailing the guy for blocks and it appeared the wizard had finally gotten the better of her.

“Darn powder!” she mused, cursing the instant darkness that had covered his movement just a few minutes earlier. One moment she had a clear view…the next it was lights out for her. And when she managed to finally move away from the cloud, Minerva could only hear not actually see him.

Hearing footsteps, she quickly moved to follow, but she only found an innocent passerby on the street beyond her, the witch having hurriedly hidden her wand for fear he was a muggle. As more time passed, she could only sigh once more in defeat before disapparating away.

She was going to hear it back at the office.

Beaten by dust.
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