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Originally Posted by dan arjay View Post
"I'm sorry, Mr. Ashburry-Hawthorne." he said. He didn't intend to offend anybody, and he never imagined that people would be very protective of their surname, but no matter, he's purpose here is business.

"I'm here on behalf of the Senior Undersecretary. We were just wondering if we have made any decision on the Liaison position for the department, yet?" he said in a very plain and calm voice.
Giving his visitor a firm nod, Aron leaned back in his seat a bit and listened to his inquiry. Wait...come again? His liaisons? Clearly there was a breakdown in communication while things were transitioning into the hands of the new Minister for Magic. A VERY severe one considering that the liaisons for his department had been assigned long before he had come to be the Head.

"Well, you can report back to your superior that the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes has had two liaison assigned for years now, Angela Dawson and Natasha Warrington."

Really? This was what the man had requested an appointment for? Because the Minister's Office was unorganized?

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