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Originally Posted by dan arjay View Post
Zach opened the door and smiled. He walked in and moved towards the table with good composure and confidence. He extended his hand and said,

"Good day, Mr. Hawthorne. I am Zach McMillan from the office of the Minister." he said with a big smile. The kind of smile that means business.

He looked around the office and tried to familiarise himself to the new atmosphere. He rarely drop by the office of the DH of any level and now is the chance to do so.
"Ashburry-Hawthorne," Aron corrected with a raised eyebrow. Should at least get the Department Head's name correct when you make an appointment, no? Expression less than amused, he gestured towards one of the seats opposite him at his desk. "What can I do for you, Mr. McMillan?"

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