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Bernadette O. Grantham
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Duncan M. Fletcher III
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David O. Truebridge
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45. Torch
“Ask him how much gold is supposed to be down here,” Fletcher ordered his translator, hiking the torch in his hand higher as they descended into a crypt. The translator, a fat goblin named ‘Mike,’ complied.

“He says enough riches to fill a river,” the translator replied with a grunt. “I bet he’s lying.”

“How much you wanna bet?” Fletcher asked, pausing as his foot touched something slick. He took a step back and dropped the torch. “Look.”

As fire took to oil, the torch hit the ‘river of riches’ and engufled the floor in flames. “Wrong sort of gold.”

Dedicated to my BHB aka sarahlooo cuz she picked out the numba! :3
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