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Originally Posted by fanficfanatict View Post
"But-" he began and then promptly shut his mouth. Those were his designs. His beautiful designs that he had slaved over every night with some World of Warcraft and CodeRed Mountain Dew at his side. So basically, they were perfect. Well, ahem, almost perfect. And now they were under her possession because, uh, he wasn't getting those back. She was too scary to tempt.

Ferris dropped his eyes again to his shoes and started to squeak them on the floor. Squeak, squeak.

His Mum had always told him that the way to treat a lady so she'd act nicer to you and not beat you up on the playground was nicely and gentlemanly and he supposed MUM had to be right. Personally, he never much interacted with female humans or humans much at all, but his Mum was ALWAYS right on the money, so he lifted his eyes a little and tried her technique, "P-please?"


....? But? But.... he didn't finish, and Aspen didn't ask. So that died as quick as it was born.

The last of the sandwich went into her mouth just as she finished stuffing away the last of his parchment. That only left the gum wrappers, which were less interesting, but worth noting.

"Do you chew gum because your breath is bad? Or just out of habit?" she asked, playing deaf to his request. Or, simply denying it, however he wanted to look at it.
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