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Originally Posted by fanficfanatict View Post
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Ferris was so very lost and he could feel his palms getting very sweaty indeed. He KNEW he should have stayed home today, he had felt it this morning when his alarm clock aka his Mum woke him. The Ministry had people and people meant socializing and socializing meant, gulp, people talking and acknowledging him. Well, um, uh, no, no thank you.

And so, when someone from his department had tried to talk to him this morning Ferris did the only natural thing TO DO- he ran.

Ran straight up the stairs and continued to run until he felt his was in the clear. Phew. The inventor smashed his glasses into the bridge of his nose and turned around to continue up more stairs when he saw a person. A female person.

Bug eyes.

Aspen had heard the commotion before the source materialized from below. It - he - had been running. FROM something? Someone??? One could only hope. She didn't stand, but Aspen leaned to her right to look around him. She couldn't hear anyone/thing in pursuit.


"Are you running towards something? Or away from something?" Aspen peeled a banana and munched off a bite, entirely at ease on her step-seat.
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