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His lab...... destroyed...... everything.... completely gone....

Derek's head was spinning 100 miles per hour and he was pretty sure his knees were going to give in any time now. He could hear some other people speaking from a distance as he squinted his eyes to try and see better. The sight of his precious lab totally torn apart and broken and simply.... awfully... gone. All of his experiments.... gone. The equipments.... all gone. Even the furniture was almost non existent now...

His thoughts were everywhere and he wondered if it had been done by magic, otherwise they would be able to reverse and fix evertyhing with spells and whatnot. But if it had been magic... then it was hopeless. It wouldn't be that easy to fix.... his lab... his....... lab........

Good thing there was a wall right next to him, so he was able to lean on it some and keep himself relatively steady for now, even though he was still shaking like a leaf.

Derek didn't even realise when his new boss showed up and started giving orders around. Too busy trying to stand up. And he still couldn't stop staring at the awful scenery. His eyes was starting to burn from all of the fume, but he didn't attempt to wave it off in any way.

He was petrified... and completely destroyed inside... just like his lab.
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