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Default Office of Aron Ashburry-Hawthorne, Department Head
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The office of the Department Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes lies smack bang in the middle of level three; the main doors led to the reception area, through which access to the main work areas was possible, and a smaller door opened out into the main internal corridor, with the break room and conference room across that hallway, and the bathroom to the right if you happened to exit the office from this smaller door.

The office itself is large, with a sizeable desk positioned opposite of the door by one of the large windows so that Aron can both see those who enter the office right away and still catch a glimpse of the great outdoors. On his desk, besides paperwork organized in various stacks and folders, is a framed photo next to a potted poppy that he brought up with him from his former position in Magical Law Enforcement.

Several comfy, but not too comfy, chairs sit on the opposite side of his desk for anyone who has official business with the DMAC Head. Scattered around the office and up against the walls are a variety of potted plants Aron had importanted from his hometown back in Australia. Opposite of the large windows on the opposite side of the office is an arched table with several chairs facing presentation board where small meetings and presentations may be held. In another corner of the office lies a fireplace with a limited connection to the floo network. Beside the fireplace at an angle facing towards it is a large comfy looking couch where Aron tends to get work done after office hours.

Please knock before you enter. Aron is not fond unannounced entrances when he is working.
OOC: Please read the thread description before posting here! This isn't strictly a public thread, but anyone is welcome to have their character knock on the door, assuming they come through the reception first. The office can be used, with permission from the Department Head, for division meetings if the conference room is in use, or if a smaller, more intimate setting is required.

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