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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
The plan was to get straight to the common room and spruce himself up before this visit to Professor Bellaire, but obviously, their trunks hadn't been delivered, so he couldn't retrieve his perfume. Instead, he tidied up his uniform by doing up all the buttons, flattening down the collar neatly and finished himself off with a bit of hair ruffling. All good.

Theodore stood in front of the mirror to look himself over and ugh, there was a gravy stain on his knee. He rubbed it vigorously until it was barely visible, but he still knew it was there, which made him sad.

Anyway... he was here. Exciting.

And nerve-wracking. Theo took a deep breath and knocked a couple of times on the door. Was he here too soon from the feast? What if she wasn't here? Eh, he could happily camp in the waiting room all night. Would probably be a better night's nap than the dorms.
Oh..who could be at her door already? She was still getting settled into her new office, which she of course designed. Sophia was pretty sure that she probably had the best office hands down.

After all what other professor, besides the headmistress took pride in their office space? She spent her own money and time into getting everything perfect...and it was perfect.

She opened the door and beamed at her guest.

"Theo! I wasn't expecting you so soon. Come in."

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